(2020) The Yellow Wallpaper Loose adaptation of Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s short story of the same name. Made during my last year at l’EMCA school in Angoulême, France. Rendered in Unreal Engine, with the voice talents of James Beagon and Sophie Harris, soundtrack by Victor Pinçon.  

(2019) La Poupée Three month project made at EMCA school in Angoulême.

(2019) ‘Twa Magicians’ Kim Edgar music video Music video commissioned by Kim Edgar for her song ‘Twa Magicians’.

(2019) Les Espoirs de l’Animation – Lea et Leo   Won the audience’s award for the contest ‘Espoirs de l’Animation’ for the TV channel Tiji at the Annecy Animation Festival in June 2019. Short film made in a month for the ‘Espoirs de l’Animation’ contest held by the French childrens’ networks Gulli, Canal + and Tiji. Was screened on the French TV channel […]

(2018) The Panther CONCOURS « QUAND LE SON CRÉE L’IMAGE » – 2e ÉDITION 2018 – sur une création sonore composée par Jean MUSY Storyboard:

(2018) ‘A’phiuthrag ‘sa phiuthar’ Julie Fowlis music video Screenshots Commission developed in collaboration with Dima Nowarah ( for Julie Fowlis’s song ‘A’phiuthrag ‘sa phiuthar’. An interpretation of a traditional Scottish folksong from the isle of Barra, the video is likewise a re-imagining of timeless Scottish folklore. The lyrics of the song convey a woman’s grief at having lost her sister to the […]

(2018) Excuse my French The first of what is intended to be a series of informational motion-graphics videos about French expressions, their origin and usages.

(2018) The History of Tantallon Castle Informational video made in the context of a Motion Graphics course at Emily Carr University of Art and Design (Vancouver, Canada).

(2017) The Escape

Short film produced during my 3rd year at Edinburgh College of Art in collaboration with Beano Studios, Dundee.

(2017) The Yellow on the Broom

Video review for the book ‘The Yellow on the Broom’ by Betsey White. Created for Télérama’s ‘Faites-nous aimer votre livre culte’ contest.